The Partnership for Successful Living affiliates offers individuals and groups a unique opportunity to serve, learn, and make a difference in the lives of our fellow community members. When you become a volunteer or intern at the Partnership for Successful Living, you impact the lives of thousands of people across six non-profit organizations that work together to create a better community.

To learn more or schedule a private interview, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (603) 882-3616 or by email at volunteer@nhpartnership.org .

Volunteer Opportunities

We are open to any ideas / talents you may bring to enrich the lives of those we serve. Some examples of ongoing volunteer and internship opportunities include:

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  • Fundraising
  • Instructional Classes for Clients (Arts and Crafts, Education, Resume Writing, Cooking, Nutrition, Childcare, Meditation, Yoga, anything!)
  • Clerical/Office/Filing/Copying/Data Entry
  • Human Resource and Accounting assistance
  • Reception duties
  • Special Activities/Events/Fundraisers
  • Transportation of Clients (doctor appointments, grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Technology/ IT Help
  • Cooking/Kitchen Help
  • Companionship and Mentorship
  • Technical/Computer Expertise
  • Maintenance and Landscaping
  • Health Service Psychology (Doctoral Internship)

For more information on the Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology, please visit http://harborhomes.org/doctoral-internship-in-health-service-psychology/ .

Regarding all other internships: If you are seeking a clinical internship for class credit, please be aware that position are limited and are typically filled 3-12 months in advance. Clinical internships must be approved and overseen by a Masters-level Clinician. Internships with no direct client care are more flexible and readily available within many of our programs as well as our IT, HR, Accounting, Marketing/Communications, Fundraising, and Business departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?
Please complete a copy of the Volunteer Application and Volunteer Skills Inventory Form, and scan/email the completed forms, along with a copy of your resume in Word or PDF, to volunteer@nhpartnership.org or mail to:

Partnership for Successful Living
c/o Volunteer Coordinator
45 High Street
Nashua, NH  03060
What is the definition of a Partnership volunteer?
A volunteer for the Partnership is a person who generously donates his or time, talents, and abilities to assist staff in furthering the missions of one or more of our agencies. We also offer clinical internships to  graduate students.
Who can volunteer?
College students, interns, adults, seniors, and community services groups such as church groups, City Year, etc.
What are the qualifications of a volunteer?
Passion, enthusiasm, commitment, honesty, trust, respect, flexibility and the desire to help.  All volunteers are required to submit a criminal background check.  In addition, there may be more specific qualifications required for volunteer and internship roles which have a high degree of volunteer-client interaction.
Where would I volunteer?
The Partnership for Successful Living consists of six independent nonprofit organizations working together to provide resources for healthy and sustainable living.  Volunteer assignments are based on the needs of the agency(ies) as well as the individual’s particular skills and interests. Most of the volunteer assignments are based in Nashua, New Hampshire; but we offer the opportunity for volunteers to work throughout NH and even remotely from home , depending on the position.
How often would I need to volunteer?
The frequency of volunteering is based on the needs of the agency(ies) and the volunteer’s availability.  Schedules range from daily, weekly, monthly, and include opportunities to participate in special events/fundraisers or short term projects.
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