Dream Catchers for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

On 03/21/2013

dreamcatcherTo commemorate National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day the Southern New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force collaborated with the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center HIV Program to host an educational program at the Boys and Girls Club of Nashua on March 12, 2013. Paid for through a grant from the Office for Women’s Health,  Dartmouth Hitchcock HIV Outreach Specialist, Jean Adie, and Task Force client and HIV + speaker, Beth Harrington, worked with ethnically and racially diverse teen girls to create Dream Catchers. Beth shared her life story and led the girls in a discussion about how it is easy to emotionally react to some situations, and make decision without thinking through the consequences.

Beth spoke about some of the spur of the moment decisions she made when she was a teen that lead to her becoming infected with HIV.  The group discussed alternatives, such as making an emergency plan to talk to a friend or a trusted adult before reacting.  The girls each identified who in their life they can turn to in certain situations that may arise and how their individual plans may work or not work in various situations.  This support circle was written onto the leather that wraps around the ring of the dream catcher, to visually identify how a person’s support circle is critical to keeping a hold onto one’s dreams . The group also discussed how actions can affect not only us, but our family and friends, and our future plans.  As the participants wove their catcher’s web, the group discussed who in their life may be affected by their decisions and how getting HIV may be connected to the greater community.  This is the second year in a row that the Task Force has partnered with Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua to bring this supportive program to youth in our community!

To learn more about the Task Force and how you can help support great programs like this, please visit our website.



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