Substance Use Disorder Numbers Are Climbing

On 05/14/2015

It is no surprise that heroin and other opioid use is at epidemic proportions all over the nation. Far too many young people have lost their lives due to fentanyl-tainted heroin, as well as other illicit drugs, many of which are synthetic, further complicating the problem.    Sadly, per capita, New Hampshire has the highest rate of substance use disorder in the entire country, and is the second lowest state with the availability to provide treatment.  There have been over 300 drug-related deaths in New Hampshire this year.  Nashua alone has reported 144 deaths due to overdoses, as compared to 48 in 2014. This is a staggering and tragic fact. Unfortunately the state of New Hampshire is only able to accommodate about 8% of the estimated 100,000 residents seeking substance use disorder treatment each year. Keystone Hall, is highly regarded as a leader and innovator in creating and implementing high-quality, cost-effective substance use disorder treatment, prevention services, and recovery supports that keep New Hampshire families together, and build a stronger and healthier community for all.  Through both outpatient and residential programs, Keystone Hall is able to produce real results. Although located in Nashua, clients come to Keystone from all parts of the state of New Hampshire.


Keystone’s Cynthia Day Family Center is the only treatment center in the state of New Hampshire that allows pregnant and parenting women to have their young children live with them at the facility, while they are undergoing critically necessary treatment. This residential program is vital for the future health and well-being of the unborn babies of the women in the program. In addition, this approach provides a strong motivator to the mothers, as their family is literally with them in full sight each day, and they are reminded that they are fighting their addiction for the benefit of the entire family.


In tandem with licensed professionals, Keystone Hall also hosts many Masters Level Interns from some of the local colleges and universities such as the University of New Hampshire, Southern New Hampshire University, Mount Washington College, and Rivier College, to name just a few.  While interning at Keystone Hall, interns have a great opportunity to learn how to facilitate gender specific, evidenced based groups and provide one to one individual counseling and case management to those in need. Interns are a great asset to Keystone Hall as they offer new thoughts and innovations in educating our clients. Working under close supervision, interns are able to walk away from their internship experience with Keystone Hall with a comprehensive level of understanding of co-occurring disorders, a reality for many of the residents of the facility.


For more information about Keystone Hall, click here, or call (603) 881-4848. Donations that will assist us in shaping the future lives of our community members are gratefully accepted.



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