Substance Abuse & Risky Sexual Behaviors

On 08/02/2012

The Infographic below is depicting a very alarming trend amongst teens and young adults. Most of them are engaging in sexual activities while under the influence of drugs and alcohol leading to dangerous consequences. There are now as many as 15,000,000 new cases of STDs in The United States alone.
If you are a young adult or a parent of a teen dealing with the struggles of substance use or the consequences of risky sexual behaviors then the Partnership for Successful Living can help. Keystone Hall and The Southern New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force both have programs that work with clients who need guidance and support.

Keystone Hall can offer adolescents an intensive outpatient program that will help with the struggles of substance use or alcoholism. To learn more please contact Keystone Hall at (603)881-4848 or e-mail hope@keystonehall.org

The Southern New Hampshire AIDS/HIV Task Force can help through a new collaboration with Dartmouth Hitchcock supported in part by project H76HA00812 from the HIV/AIDS Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, and the Department of Health and Human Services, is providing targeted outreach and HIV Education to youth organizations that serve populations most at risk for acquiring HIV. For more information, please e-mail hope@aidstaskforce.org.
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