Obesity Rates Effecting Future Generations

On 11/09/2012

Today many Americans are tempted to live an unhealthy life style by eating out at easy access fast food chain restaurants and the mass marketing of snacks like chips and cookies. Recently the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported that by 2030 all US states will have high rates of obesity. These high rates may have many negative effects on Americans and will affect the American way of living. A high rate will mean that more obesity related diseases will occur which will cause health care prices to rise. It could even have a negative effect on the country’s national security. It’s been said that if there turns out to be a high obesity rate among all states in 2030 then Americans will be too overweight to join the military.

It is scary to think about what this could mean for future generations, but it is not too late to prevent this from happening. Harbor Homes’ clinic, Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center, is already on a mission to influence those with obesity. Currently the clinic provides high quality and accessible healthcare along with personalized health education. The clinic is also very affordable, and often free, to our clients. Nurses of the clinic are here to teach individuals how to live a healthy life style with health promotions and maintenance. Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center plan that in the future they can make a difference in the high obesity numbers by adding a fitness center and gym to the many services that they provide. The new gym will be constructed during the 2013 clinic expansion of 45 High Street in Nashua, New Hampshire. We hope that once the fitness center is open to patients, Harbor Homes’ clinicians will see an increase in physical activity, resulting in a decrease in obesity and obesity-related health disorders among patients who utilize the fitness center.

If you or a loved one is dealing with the struggles of obesity than please e-mail hope@harborhomes.org or contact Carol Furlong at (603)882-3616.

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