Keystone Hall’s Vice President Will Speak About Prescription Drug Abuse

On 02/26/2013

Lindsay Gregg, a resident at the Cynthia Day Program tells her story of her struggles with her addiction to prescribed drugs.

Our Vice President of Keystone Hall , Annette Escalante, is expected to speak at a panel discussion about prescription drug abuse at Nashua High School South on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m. As we have expressed in earlier blogs, prescription drugs are becoming a fast rising drug trend in our community and nationally.

Keystone Hall in Nashua, New Hampshire has seen a dramatic increase in clients who report that their drug of choice is an opiate.  Keystone Hall is seeing a huge surge of youth who are also abusing prescription drugs. Alexander Hamel [Title] of Keystone Hall said “that many community members that they are seeing with this addiction are in the ages of 18-30 and that many are abusing when they are prescribed them with injuries and are often utilized at parties. These opiates that are being abused are Oxycontin and pain relievers which are in the class of drugs where addiction happens very rapidly. Unfortunately, with these opiates they are in fact highly addictive, and when someone stops taking them, they don’t feel well and they will go through a opiate withdrawal which is ten times worse than the flu. In seeking a way to fix that feeling, people will seek these drugs else where like on the streets when their prescription has run out.”

Lindsay Gregg, who currently lives at Keystone Hall in the Cynthia Day Program with her son, is seeking sobriety and recovery of her opiate addiction. She said, “one winter I slipped and fell on ice and the doctor that I was seeing had prescribed to me a 100 Perkisets a month and then he just cut me off . I starting having withdrawals so my friend said try this, it was Oxycontin. Once I starting using Oxycontin I was addicted to them. I then tried to seek help through my parents after two years of abusing but, they took me to the same doctor who prescribed me Oxycontin to get off of the Oxycontin I was taking and that only made my addiction worse. I eventually lost everything my house, my job, I got a divorce, and I lost custody of my daughter. I really wanted to get clean but since I already knew what withdrawals felt like I knew I couldn’t quit cold turkey so I starting going to the methadone clinic. I spent a long time abusing and in that time I became pregnant and  what made really seek help (through the Cynthia Day Program) was having to watch my new born son go through methadone withdrawals because of my addiction. It was heartbreaking. So in order to stay clean I now plan on attending the full 6 month program at the Cynthia Day program so I can get back my daughter and start my life over again.”

Lindsay Gregg was willing to share her story so more people will be aware of how easy it is to become addicted to prescribed drugs and she also wanted to share her struggle with addiction so other like herself will know that there is help out there.

Lindsay is not the only one out there who struggling with an addiction to prescribed drugs. That is why Annette Escalante will be speaking about this concerning popular drug of choice. The public is encourage to attend this community discussion to learn more about the issue and get advice and information from the experts. This panel will also include Lt. David Bailey at the Nashua Police Department, Scott O’Niel, a recovering addict, and Bill Hughen, a guidance counselor at Alvirne High School according to an article in The Nashua Telegraph.




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