Keeping our Community’s Most Vulnerable Safe

On 03/17/2020

Dear Friends and Supporters,  

Like so many non-profit health and human service organizations across the nation, the Partnership for Successful Living (PSL) affiliates – Harbor Homes, Keystone Hall, Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force, and Healthy at Home– are playing an important role in New Hampshire’s response strategy to coronavirus/COVID-19. We know this pandemic will have a significant and lasting impact on the community members we serve. We want to assure you that the Partnership for Successful Living is prepared to continue to keep staff, patients and the communities we serve as safe and healthy as possible. 

We are conferring with the local and state health departments, state and federal partners, and adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and NH Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendations; and holding regular meetings focused on our emergency preparedness protocols. We are closely monitoring our supplies, staffing and space identified to serve patients and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to provide 24/7 quality care the community deserves.  

The situation changes daily, and we are actively addressing concerns from staff, community members, and partners.   Below are just some of the actions that Partnership for Successful Living is taking: 

  • On March 6, we enacted our Emergency Operations Plan across the Partnership for Successful Living organizations at all sites. Staff are working together to ensure operations adhere to the rapidly changing guidance and best-practices disseminated by our federal, state and local partners. 
  • Safety is paramount. All patients and consumers are required to call before entering a PSL facility if they think they have symptoms of COVID-19, so that we can screen over the phone and offer guidance.  We know that for many of our patients and clients, access to a phone is sometimes difficult. In light of this, to minimize risk, all visitors, patients and clients will now be screened outside of our facilities before entering our facilities. As much as possible, face-to-face non-medical visits are transitioning to virtual visits, thanks to the use of technology. 
  • We are ramping up our capacity to provide telehealth services and working closely with our state and federal partners to make this a reality in the coming days. More information will soon follow.  
  • We are following guidance to limit outside visitation within our residential facilities. 
  • We’ve ramped up disinfection and hygiene practices across all sites and programs, and are actively encouraging social distancing and good personal hygiene. 
  • We’re temporarily updating  staff sick time and work policies, restricting travel among staff, and moving in-person meetings to virtual settings where feasible.  
  • Events, large gatherings and non-critical meetings are being canceled or postponed to minimize exposure risks and maximize focus on coronavirus-related response. 

We will use social media, including Facebook, as well as our company websites and email communications to continue to keep you updated on our operations in relation to this rapidly changing public health emergency.  To sign up for email communications and updates, visit https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/aiEQbYI

The Partnership for Successful Living is deeply committed to the health and wellness of our entire community.  We are working around the clock to ensure that essential operations continue to support our most vulnerable community members, many of whom do not have a safe place to call home, or access to food or essential medical care. With your continued support, we will remain a beacon of hope and resiliency in this time of uncertainty. I wish you all good health. Please feel free to reach out to us at hope@nhpartnership.org with questions or concerns. 


Peter Kelleher 

CEO and President 



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