Jesse Garcia is the Partnership for Successful Living’s April 2013 Volunteer of the Month!

On 04/22/2013

CONGRATULATIONS JESSE, April’s Volunteer of the Month!


Harbor Homes’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) is a huge program with a massive geographic reach – the entire State of NH.   Staff at Harbor Homes help low-income veteran families gain access to temporary financial assistance and supportive services. But first they have to find the veterans, then convince them to use the program, and finally work with them to use the services effectively. It can be tough. Working with veterans requires significant nuance and knowledge. Amazingly though, Jesse Garcia — an undergraduate intern — has proved that he has the nuance, skill and dedication to tackle all of the challenges the program presents.

Jesse has worked with the SSVF program for several months, and has become an integral member of the team. He has innovative outreach ideas, and, as a veteran himself, he understands military culture so well that he can explain its intricacies to employed case managers. Perhaps what is most impressive is Jesse’s willingness to pose provocative questions about how the program functions and how it can be improved. He is enthusiastic, and always ready with a cheeky smile.

The SSVF program appreciates Jesse so much that soon they will hire him on as a full time case manager.



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