Huntington at Nashua hosts fundraiser for Harbor Homes’ Veterans FIRST Program

On 03/21/2013

In addition to the Veterans FIRST Auction, other community organizations are chipping in to help the veterans program of Harbor Homes.  On Saturday, March 16 the Hunt Senior Living center organized a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser to support our Veterans FIRST Program. They had a great turnout for the event, featuring the band, Madra Rua. They performed a lively selection of Irish music featuring ballads, jigs, reels and fiddle tunes.

Through the generosity of those who attended the concert, combined with matching donations from The Huntington at Nashua, $1000 was raised for Veterans FIRST!

According to Laurie Goodman, communications coordinator at The Huntington, “It was a wonderful event, enjoyed by everyone in attendance, and it was nearly a full house!”

Harbor Homes wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the concert and supported the veterans!

About Veterans FIRST

Harbor Homes designs many of its housing, programs, and services to meet the needs of homeless and low-income veteran households. Known collectively as “Veterans FIRST”, this unique mix of affordable housing, employment, and supportive services are evidence-based and nationally recognized best practices designed to end or prevent homelessness among veterans and their families who live in New Hampshire. To learn more about Veterans FIRST and the various programs of Harbor Homes, please visit our website or attend our Veterans FIRST Auction on April 13.



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