Homelessness and Afforadable Housing in New Hampshire

On 01/10/2012

The Huffington Post recently wrote an article about a homeless man who works hard but can still not find an affordable home in Sag Harbor, NY. Pedro Moreno, 52 years of age, has been offered a warm place to sleep from a local that he met in a coffee shop. If it were not for his friend, Pedro would be forced to sleep in the cold winter temperatures.

“Moreno is one of the more than 3 million homeless people in the United States, estimated by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, a crisis the organization blames partly on the lack of affordable housing.” – Brendan J. O’Reilly, Huffington Post

In New Hampshire we are also going through this crisis. These days it has become harder for those who are in a low income bracket to find affordable housing. The New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services stated that there was an 18 percent rise in homelessness in the year of 2011. Most of those seeking affordable housing are (as a last resort) sleeping in cars.

There are not many options in the community to obtain affordable housing, but Harbor Homes of Nashua is one the few organizations in the state that enables low-income persons with disabilities to rent affordable private housing of their choice. Although, Harbor Homes goal is to provide services to as many as they can; they can not house everyone.

Thanks to Pedro Moreno, more awareness of the crisis of homelessness due to the lack of affordable housing can be addressed.



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