Healthy at Home Brings New Meaning of Life to Client

On 06/24/2013

Less than six months ago, Tony, a Healthy at Home staff member, was asked to work with a gentleman named Tom who was in much need of a personal care service provider. Tom is an elderly widower who suffers from many medical issues that forced him to be bed bound. Tony first stepped into Tom’s home in February 2013. The house was not very well taken care of and Tom was not doing great himself.  Tom lacked a family support system and was in dire need of help.Things really took a turn for the worse when Tom was misdiagnosed with cancer; he thought that he was going to pass away at any moment and  lost the will to live.  Tony was assigned to Tom and upon their first meeting, he noticed that Tom was not eating, couldn’t get out of bed, and was very introverted.  Tom didn’t really seem to express any feelings.

In only four months of working with Tom, Tony has been able to clean up Tom’s house and lift Tom’s spirits. Tom almost gave up on life but he is now enjoying it more than ever. Tony has been able to help Tom not only by cleaning,  but also by making sure that all of Tom’s health needs are met. They have become close friends in this short time and Tom is now able to express himself. Tom has also become full of laughter and is often caught joking around with his personal care service provider.

“Tony is caring, I really like the kid” –Tom, Healthy at Home Client

Healthy at Home staff have seen much improvement with Tom’s quality of life and this turn around would not have been possible without Tony’s dedication to his job.

 “Tony was a perfect match for Tom.” – Valarie Garner, Case Manger at Healthy at Home.

Next month Tony is excited to celebrate Tom’s 80th birthday with him! Just a few months ago Tom thought that he was going to die but since he has been shown a way to live a healthier, happy, and functioning life he is happy to celebrate life with his new family at Healthy at Home.

If you or a loved one is bound to their home, Healthy at Home can help. Please e-mail or contact us at (603)595-4243.



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