Harbor Homes Rewarded $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

On 07/30/2012

We are proud to say that Harbor Homes, one of the six non profit organizations under the umbrella of the Partnership for Successful Living, has been awarded a $1 million grant that will help 300 New Hampshire Veterans and their families.

This grant will help the Harbor Homes Veterans FIRST program maintain their current mission of preventing homelessness amongst NH veterans.  The Veterans FIRST program currently has two veteran homes in Nashua, Buckingham Place and Dalianis House, which combined have 60 units where homeless veterans and their families can reside for up to two years. Harbor Homes’ Veterans FIRST program has also recently had it’s first groundbreaking in Manchester. Harbor Homes is introducing the Veterans FIRST program to the community of Manchester, NH in April of 2013. Harbor Homes is happy that with this new grant the Veterans FIRST program will continue to grow.

“Harbor Homes has a 32-year history of excellent service to New Hampshire’s homeless veterans, helping them find good jobs, fight substance abuse and get back on their feet,” said U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), who wrote a  letter to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki this past February, in support of Harbor Homes’ grant application.

“Their wide presence in the state and strong connections to veterans service providers make Harbor Homes a terrific recipient for this grant. The organization has made an impact on the lives of so many Granite State veterans and I’m glad that they will have the opportunity to help so many more.”

“Harbor Homes is thrilled for all of the veteran families in NH who will benefit from this much-needed initiative,” said Peter Kelleher, CEO of Harbor Homes, Inc.  –NASHUA PATCH

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2 Responses to “Harbor Homes Rewarded $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”

  1. I thank God for those who work at the VA. I have always been tteared with the up-most respect, and I never waited more than 15 minutes for an appointment. I received CPT about 2-3 months ago and have PTSD symptom free for about 2 months. I spent 20 years of my life fighting this and have failed the VA therapies before. I was just interviewed tonite on blog talk radio, a 2 hour show. I shared my long battle with PTSD through out some downloaded information, from the VA website. I told my story about the mistakes I made and how it has run my life the last 20 years. Then I shared information on CPT and the way it changed my view on everything. I’m living proof the VA has given us the help and hope we need. Thank you Dept of Veterans Affairs for all you do for Veterans all over this great country.

  2. THANK YOU, the best thing I’ve heard out of the VA yet. I’ve been e-mailing everybody in Gov. about hinirg vets in the VA, I e-mailed the WH. I’d like to see 70%. Vets will have a sense of purpose, knowing they are working for fellow vets. The VA can only serve it’s purpose from within with people who care. Vets know what it’s like to be a VET. We need Vets in management and upper levels. A cut and dry system would be nice too. Get rid of the tons of beaurocratic crap we have to go thru.

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