Fidelity Investments Donates Truck Loads to Harbor Homes

On 03/21/2013

On February 21, CEO Peter Kelleher made an announcement over the PA at 45 High Street to all staff and volunteers:  “We need help bringing in the all of the donations.”  Outside, there were six truck-loads of household items for Harbor Homes’ Veterans FIRST program donated by the Merrimack branch of Fidelity Investments.   It took nearly twenty employees, volunteers, and donors to bring all of the much-needed toiletries, kitchenware, linens and other household items into the building.

In total, over 1,700 items were donated to the homeless veterans at Dalianis House, a Harbor Homes’ transitional housing program.  Fidelity and its employees have a history of giving to local agencies in need of their assistance, and this time it was Brent Osborn, a Fixed Income Trader for Fidelity and a veteran himself, who contacted Harbor Homes looking for a project that he and his co-workers might be able to accomplish for veterans.  After much discussion back and forth – and with the help of other Fidelity employees, like Alex Coda – it was finally decided that an office-wide drive would be the most effective partnership.

Effective it was! It took less than two weeks for the employees to assemble all of the 1,700 items and after that the donations kept on coming.  In the coming weeks, two more car loads of items as well as nearly five-hundred dollars in gift cards were donated.

The donations are already in use by our veterans, who have expressed the own amazement at the size of the donation.  Within the coming month, the items will be dispersed to those who need it most, especially newcomers to Dalianis house, the forty bedroom housing unit of Veterans FIRST.

Representatives from Fidelity have already commented on doing another drive next year.   The whole Partnership, especially our Veterans FIRST program, is overjoyed and overwhelmed by such a display of generosity.   Thank you especially to the organizers, Brent Osborn, Alex Coda as well as anybody else we missed.


View MORE pictures of the donations.

If you would like to become contributor like the folks at Fidelity Investments, please visit our Donate Page.



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