Ed’s Story of Finding Help at Keystone Hall and Harbor Homes, and Paying it Forward

On 05/22/2013

“The clinic at Keystone Hall pretty much saved my life.”

Those words came from the mouth of Ed Malloy, current Harbor Homes volunteer, Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center oversight committee member,  and sober lover of life.

This was not always the case. Two and a half years ago, Ed was homeless and living on the streets of Manchester. He had been doing so for several years, ignoring addictions to drugs and alcohol. He lost his job as a nurse in Massachusetts, along with his home and his family. Finally, he found Keystone Hall, and through the agency, the Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center, a health care clinic for homeless and low-income individuals operated by Harbor Homes.

After years of addiction, Ed finally sought help from Keystone Hall. The treatments and lifestyle changes that Ed experienced at Keystone have forever changed his life. In his own words, “Keystone pretty much saved my life. There’s always a way out of these situations but you have to find it inside of you to help yourself and get better.” When describing how much his life has changed, he said, “You can’t put a price on that.”

After sixteen months at Keystone, Ed is happily living in a house of his own. With the help of Keystone Hall and the Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center, he says, “Now I have everything I need.” In addition to helping overcome his addictions, Harbor Homes and Keystone Hall have been able to help him with other health issues, including dental care.

The help Ed found at Keystone and Harbor Homes inspired and transformed him to do everything in his power to pass on the favor. He says that while it has been a difficult road, he finds his gratitude and his purpose in helping other people and giving back to the community that saved his life. He now volunteers on the clinic oversight committee and is spreading the word about the new online patient portal system that makes health care more accessible to everyone. He volunteers at the annual Partnership for Successful Living Thanksgiving Dinner, helps Keystone by talking to people who are waiting to be admitted at Keystone Hall, and works with their weekly support groups.  Ed emphasizes, “Any chance that I can I try to give back. All the people I’ve met have been wonderful.”

Ed still attends NA and AA meetings and says, “I’m not any different. Every time I hear a story at a meeting, I hear my own story.” He believes it is important to share with other people in their recovery to make sure everyone has a fighting chance against their addictions. He now lives a life of thankfulness and abides by the motto “living in the moment,” a concept he learned and accepted at Keystone Hall.



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