Response to the Attorney General’s Charitable Trusts Unit Report Regarding Harbor Homes

On 09/13/2019

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Charitable Trusts Unit recently released a report on Harbor Homes. Harbor Homes wants to make available the below documents to provide further context. These documents include:

  • The report from the Attorney General’s Charitable Trusts Unit,
  • The report from an independent business consultant (included in the CTU’s report), who reviewed Harbor Homes’ operations, finances, and management in light of the recommendations of the Charitable Trusts Unit’s report,
  • Harbor Homes’ CPA audited financials for fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019), and
  • A written statement from Harbor Homes on the issue.

In particular, Harbor Homes would like to highlight the below statement which appears on the first page of the independent business consultant’s report.

The [Charitable Trust Units] report accurately reflects the importance of Harbor Homes as a provider of housing, behavioral health, social services, and medical care. It is hard to overstate the importance of the array of services provided by [Harbor Homes/Partnership for Successful Living]. The organization has put together a unique mosaic of services to address clients with complex problems including the homeless, the persistently mentally ill, people with substance use disorder, and special populations like homeless veterans. HH/PSL has responded to acute community needs like the opioid crisis that is impacting our entire nation. It is rare to see an organization with such a comprehensive, integrated service array that includes housing and medical care, SUD treatment, and social services. HH/PSL has been directly responsible for bringing millions of new federal dollars into New Hampshire’s underfunded social service and low income housing sector. This is a major coup for NH.

If you have any additional requests for information, we are pleased to communicate. Please email or call Peter Kelleher, President & CEO, at p.kelleher@nhpartnership.org or (603) 882-3616.

You may also contact the Board Chair, Daniel Sallet at d.sallet@nhpartnership.org, or Chair of the Executive Committee, Rick Plante at r.plante@nhpartnership.org .






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