Clients at the Center: Realizing the Potential of Multi-Service Organizations

On 08/04/2011

Clients at the Center: Realizing the Potential of Multi-Service Organizations.

The Partnership for Successful Living is a unique take on the idea of a “multi-service organization”. Our structure is different, in that each member of the Partnership maintains its unique identity as a separate corporation, but the results are very similar to the study published by the Bridgespan Group.

Basically, clients needs are better met within an organization or structure that offers easy access to a variety of services. This differs significantly from the stand-alone non-profit model.

To learn more about the Partnership for Successful Living and the high impact outcomes the member organizations create both individually and collectively give us a call at 603-882-3616.  Our Development officers are happy to schedule tours of one or more of our many organizations or facilities.



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