Brendan Punsky is an IT Hero and the Partnership’s May Volunteer of the Month

On 05/22/2013

Brendan Punsky is the Partnership for Successful Living’s Volunteer of the Month for May!!



How many have us have left the IT department asking, “Was that English, or just Techie?”  Who actually understands what they’re talking about?

Brendan Punsky does.

Despite being only nineteen, Brendan is fluent in Techie.    He is self-taught, and though he has volunteered for only two months, he has already upgraded more than 60 computers throughout the Partnership facilities.

Performing upgrades is no easy task.  One must trouble-shoot unexpected system errors, which are often heinously complex, and just one machine can eat-up hours.  Brendan handles all of the software updates and even hardware installation independently.  A budding virtuoso, Brendan does what needs to be done quickly and effectively.

Brendan’s impact will soon be felt by the whole Partnership.  His upgrades will allow the installation of Microsoft Word 2010 on every computer, and, most importantly, enable a more technologically efficient workplace – which means more staff time devoted to helping the clients, and less time negotiating with outdated technology.

Thank you, Brendan!



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