NEWS ARCHIVE - April 2016

Meet Jay, Our Yoga Expert!
POSTED ON April 28th BY dcollins
  Jay Gupta, RPh, RxYT Jay Gupta is a registered pharmacist, a certified immunizer and MTM (medication therapy management) specialist. In 2015, Jay Gupta and YogaCaps, the nonprofit he co-founded, received the New Hampshire Business Review’s (NHBR) Business Excellence Award. In 2013, Gupta was honored with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) Excellence in Innovation award in recognition of his work to bridge the gap between the modern and complementary health care practices. Jay Gupta receiving NH Business Review award He began his yoga immersion in India in 1983 and has been exploring the depths of yoga since then. Throughout his life, Gupta has endeavored to achieve a scientific understanding of yoga and nature cure practices. He has traveled from the Himalayas to Kerala learning a variety of yoga and nature cure practices, and has advanced studies with yoga masters and researchers in India and the US. MORE >
Life Savers in Our Midst!
POSTED ON April 7th BY dcollins
Life Savers In Our Midst! Wednesday, March 30th, at 4:25 a.m., seemed like a typical shift at the Maple Arms Emergency Shelter of Harbor Homes.  A long-time and dedicated employee at the Shelter was taking advantage of the quiet hours to fill out some requisite paper work, when a guest came running and screaming into the office.  “He’s not breathing, and he looks gray!” With only a split second to react, the staff member instinctively grabbed his cell phone and a Narcan kit, and ran to the apartment where the man was sleeping.  He promptly called 911 for emergency medical assistance, but as soon as he saw the guest, he knew he had to act fast.  With seconds to assess the situation, he recognized that the man showed signs of overdosing on some kind of substance.  Per the 911 dispatcher, the men moved the patient from MORE >
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