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National Take Back Day is Saturday, April 28, 2012
POSTED ON April 26th BY PartnershipTeam
A recent blog post by Author Leah Odze Epstein, writer and co-founder of the Drinking Diaries, discusses the nation’s seemingly lax attitude toward prescription medications calling them “alcohol in a pill”. Epstein believes that the public feels that if a doctor prescribes a medication then it must be okay. Dr. Gupta says in his interview with the Miami Herald that doctors need to give stronger warnings. According to Gupta, when doctors say, “Don’t drink if you are taking this medication,” it seems like a courtesy warning. Gupta believes that “a warning that a person dies every 19 minutes would be a stronger warning. Keystone Hall is seeing a significant raise in number of people seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse, especially amongst youth. We hope that parents will participate in New Hampshire’s efforts around National Take Back Day and safely dispose of their old prescription medications. MORE >
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