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Four New Hampshire non-profit agencies collaborate as members of the Partnership for Successful Living, creating an innovative network helping NH families and individuals solve many of life’s most challenging issues and gain sustainable independence.

Program services delivered through the Partnership members include:

  • substance use disorder treatment, prevention, and recovery support services;
  • primary and preventive healthcare;
  • HIV/AIDS education, case management, supportive services, affordable housing, and prevention;
  • health care and homemaking services for elderly, disabled, and home bound individuals;
  • affordable and supportive housing solutions for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness;
  • training, workforce development, event and conference planning for non-profit and for-profit organizations;
  • and mental health treatment.

Sharing a common volunteer Board of Directors and President/CEO, the Partnership for Successful Living is an efficient and innovative collaboration of four independent non-profit organizations in New Hampshire. Together, these organizations serve over 3,000 NH community members each year.  The model is unique in NH, and perhaps nationwide. This holistic approach recognizes that individuality, dignity, good health and wellness, self-respect and a safe place to live are key to a person’s ability to contribute to society.


Harbor Homes, Inc. creates and provides quality residential and supportive services for individuals, and their families, with mental illness and/or experiencing homelessness. The agency also operates Greater Nashua’s only Healthcare for the Homeless clinic, Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center. www.harborhomes.org

Healthy at Home

Healthy at Home, Inc. strives to enhance the lives of people with illness or injury through a cooperative relationship with the community, professional medical+ providers, and organizations that serve people in need of healthcare. www.healthyathome.org

Keystone Hall

Keystone Hall, also known as the Greater Nashua Council on Alcoholism, Inc., provides comprehensive substance use treatment and recovery services to individuals and families in a supportive environment while providing a strategic framework for substance use prevention in New Hampshire. www.keystonehall.org

AIDS Task Force

The Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force, Inc. increases the quality and availability of knowledge, services and resources in all matters relating to HIV infection and AIDS to the people in the Southern New Hampshire region, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation. www.aidstaskforcenh.org

Our Clients

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Community members served by the Partnership agencies include:

  • very low to low income individuals and families, including the homeless and those at risk of homelessness;
  • veterans and their families;
  • individuals living with severe mental illness, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders;
  • individuals living with a chronic illness or disabilities such as HIV/AIDS or developmental disabilities;
  • the elderly or home-bound individuals;
  • unemployed and underemployed individuals;
  • individuals and families in recovery from substance use disorders; and
  • the business, nonprofit, and government sector in need of technical assistance and training.

The Benefits of Collaboration

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While each of the Partnership members is a separate legal entity with its own 501c3 status, mission, budget, and staff, they share back-end resources whenever it is efficient to do so, and collaborate on service delivery when it leads to better client outcomes. Additionally, whenever expertise in a particular subject matter is needed by one agency, if another agency has access to that, it is shared. This reduces the overall administrative costs of each Partnership member agency, and ensures more of every philanthropic dollar received goes directly to client care.

Most importantly, by sharing resources and working as one, the Partnership for Successful Living is able to coordinate and better deliver a comprehensive array of interventions designed to empower individuals and families and ultimately build a stronger community. Outcomes are enhanced through this Partnership model.

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